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Short Run, Variable Label Printing for Seasonal Products

Short Run Digital Labels Make Variable Designs More Cost Effective

Though smack dab in the middle of the summer months, ImageTek Labels is thinking fall, and gearing up for one of our busiest seasons! When autumn arrives, so doesn’t the demand for variable labels to place on seasonal packaging and specialty products. In times like these, we need to stay on our toes and make sure our customer’s orders are met with speed and efficiency, not to mention a great looking label!Short Run Variable Labels

To make sure we are one step ahead of your labeling needs, we offer a short list of things to think about while your planning your seasonal label orders and short run product designs.

1.)  Design a new look, not a new brand. That’s right, step one in producing a new label is to make sure the size, and shape and materials fall in line with your current brand identity. Short run labels work well when all of these factors work together. A new design can go a long way, but remember to keep the size, shape and most striking identification consistent. By doing this, you reinforce your brand to consumers, make your products easily identifiable on the store shelves and support your products personality. By changing up your label design, you can introduce colors, textures and other elements that give your product renewed shelf appeal, while maintaining the look and feel that your consumers know and love.

2.)  Variable, short run labels save you time, and money. Beer bottle labels are the perfect example of variable, short run labels. Think about your favorite malt beverage, have you noticed the label is almost always the same size, and shape, though the design may be totally different? Digital printing offers the ability to run all your labels in one pass, and print different versions of your labels at the same time. Better yet, you won’t have to pay hefty plate, tooling or color charges which will open you up to design options that traditional printing makes far less cost effective.

3.)  Know your seasonal sales volume and plan accordingly. For start up’s this can be a tough one but working with ImageTek to digitally print your seasonal labels makes it a whole lot easier! Short run label orders start at only 100 labels. While past print methods would deter specialty food producers form introducing new products, due to the high costs associated with manufacturing smaller batches, newer print technologies have made it easier and more cost effective for producers to introduce new products to market. By printing short runs of variable label designs, you can test the popularity of new product designs, without breaking the bank. Autumn is a great time to sample new flavors and design new labels for market testing. When short run labels are simple and speedy, there’s no reason to miss opportunities for increased sales and possibly, your next best product!

ImageTek Labels prides itself in top-notch customer service and quick turnaround. When you do business with ImageTek Labels, you know your product will be printed professionally on high quality media, be delivered on time and meet your every expectation. In turn, your finished products will impress consumers and give your products an identity that will help you grow your business. For more information about variable design labels and how you can print seasonal labels for specialty flavors and products, call ImageTek Labels today and our sales professionals will walk you through the process.