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Short Run Labels Offer Long Term Benefits

Short Run Digital Printing is Better in the Long Run

Introducing a new product to market is exciting but with it comes the work of planning budgets, purchasing ingredients and finding cost effectiveShort Run Digital Labels ways to creatively package your product without cutting into to profits.  Generally, new to market products are produced in smaller batches, making it more difficult to reap the benefits associated with bulk purchasing. This challenge becomes more evident as producers work on labeling their products and packaging. Generally, producers look towards their current label printing techniques and find them- selves having to purchase label quantities in the thousands, in an effort to drive the cost per label down. Often times, labels go to waste due to redesigns or changes to ingredients. These types of issues can become expensive and cut into the bottom-line. Luckily, those days are coming to an end as digital print technologies makes short run labeling of new-to-market and seasonal products more cost effective.

Save time and money with short run digital labels

Choose a label provider with digital printing capabilities. You can feel confident developing new products, knowing the labels will be priced right and deliver the same quality you have come to expect with longer run orders. By using digital printing, you avoid set-up fees, tooling charges and enjoy lower cost per label prices in short run quantities. Rather than being forced to buy thousands of labels you won’t use and do not need, digital printing leaves money in your pocket and leans out costs associated with production. Not only will you save a few dollars, it’s also an opportunity to use more quality media because the UV cured inks won’t fade or smudge, making expensive laminates unnecessary. In addition to the savings and convenience of short run digital labels, the real value is in printing multiple label versions for seasonal products. Typically, flexo printing, which uses plates and tooling to print long runs, is only efficient when printing the same label, over and over. With digital label printing, various designs can be programmed prior to printing, so you can order low quantities of many different types of labels, without incurring tooling and plate charges for each change you make. This technology saves food producers a ton of money and makes introducing new seasonal products fun, enjoyable and even profitable!

Now’s the Time to Give it a Try

If you have not tried digital printing to date and are launching a new to market or seasonal product, now is the time! Avoid all the additional fees of your typical printing practices and step into the digital world. You will have a quick turnaround and a finished product that doesn’t break the bank. Try a new a material, put UV inks to the test and avoid the pricey laminates you have been using on your long run paper labels. Feel confident printing different versions of the same product label for on-the- shelf consumer testing and benefit from short run digital printing capabilities year round. There is a lot you can gain from printing your product labels digitally and perhaps this is your chance. Who knows, maybe you find new and improved ways to run your business that are smarter and more cost effective! To give digital printing a try contact sales@imageteklabels.com and let our label professionals walk you through the process. With no set up fee’s or tooling costs you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.