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5 Reasons You Should be Using Digitally Printed Labels for Food & Beverage Labeling

Digital Printing is the newest and most technologically advanced form of printing available today but it’s still surprising to me how many food and beverage producers I speak with that don’t know it exists. In addition, they really are not sure how their labels are manufactured at all and that’s okay, that’s the vendor’s job. However, there is a real value for food and beverage producers to be at least a little familiar with digital printing because of the huge advantages it has for their business and their bottom line.

Here’s a quick list of the benefits of digital printing and why it’s important to ask how your labels are being manufactured. In short, it will produce the best possible print, cost effectively and offer a more resilient label with superior color and clarity.


1.)    It’s Cheaper. Traditional printing, like flexographic and thermal transfer, requires expensive tooling to die cut and print your labels, digital labels do not. Therefore, you’re not incurring the charges for tools like dies and plates to get your label printed.payday loansThis has a direct impact on your cost per label and can save you hundreds of dollars in additional manufacturing expenses.

2.)    It’s Faster. No more extensive machine set-up, waiting for tools to be manufactured, pouring inks or running the same roll of labels several times through the press; Digital Printing cuts set up time in half and eliminates the need for tools and re-runs of the rolls to overlay colors and create images. The time savings directly affects your bottom line price, especially for short run projects with variable information.

3.)    Color & Quality. Digital Printing utilizes UV Inks. These inks are extremely durable and resistant to ultra violet light and most harsh environments. When mixed together (CMYK) they produce any color of the rainbow. No more having to match exact PMS (unless you want to),no more buying specialty inks just to match a color and no more fading and smearing when exposed to moisture or like enviroments.  

4.)    Flexibility. Another benefit of digital printing is that you get great flexibility over your labels, primarily for short runs or when there are several versions of the same label with minor changes such as the name or ingredients. Printing digitally means no more set up and break down of various machines for color changes or artwork changes and  no more struggling with trying to meet minimums for each version of the labels you need printed. These variable designs can be programmed to run one version after another, in line. It’s much faster, more affordable and influences your bottom line.  

5.)    Eco Benefits. Digital printing is more environmentally friendly. The inks generally have few fewer chemical additives. There is no need for tooling of film plates or the use of photo chemicals for clean-up which lessens the impact to the environment. Also, there is far less wasted material, meaning less material that reaches the landfills.  

The value of digital printing is undeniable and it’s important for business owners that they are using the most effective print methods possible while maintaining or often enhancing the quality of their labels. Digital Printing is overtaking offset printing in leaps and bounds and is considered a better value for those in the prime label industry. So, before you order your next set of labels, look into digital printing and make sure you’re getting the most from your labeling dollars.

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