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logo labels A logo seems simple enough but is a very important part of your companies brand and image. It makes your company distinctive, sets your product apart on the shelf and is the first impression for your prospect.

ImageTek Labels specializes in printing custom Logo Labels that will identify your business and support of promotional campaigns, shipping collateral, asset and product I.D. With the ability to customize any design, full color matching and a personal message or slogan, ImageTek Labels delivers durable solutions that are a must have for any business.

It’s true, there are a dozen or more cookie cutter label programs, waiting for you to upload your artwork and mail you some peel and stick labels within a few days. By ordering from ImageTek Labels, you don’t have to sacrifice lead time, quality or price and you won’t get stuck with stock, run of the mill labels, that cause your product to blend in.

However detailed your graphics may be, we have the capability to manufacture vibrant labels, quickly and cost effectively. With durable solutions that are resistant to chemical, moisture, UV rays, abrasion and more, harsh environments are no match for labels produced by ImageTek. Your labels will undoubtedly last the life of your product.

Product Description Adhesive
LMA3006 3.2 Mil TTR semi gloss white paper Emulsion Acrylic
LML7001 2.0 Mil TTR Clear gloss printable BOPP Permanent PSA
LML7008 1.0 mil TTR Clear printable Polyester Permanent PSA
LMR4006 3.0 Mil TTR white BOPP Dual Coated All temp. PSA
LMR4007 3.0 Mil TTR matte white BOPP Aggressive all temp. PSA
LMR4008 2.3 Mil TTR gloss white BOPP Removable Emulsion Acrylic
LMR4009 3.0 Mil TTR matte white BOPP Permanent Rubber PSA
LMR4016 2.3 MIL TTR white gloss BOPP Acrylic adhesive
LMP6100 2.0 Mil TTR silver polyester Solvent Acrylic
LMP6014 2.0 Mil TTR matte white chemical resistant Permanent PSA
LMP6500 2.0 Mil TTR gloss clear polyester Aggressive permant PSA
LMP6000 2 Mil TTR gloss white polyester White polyester Acrylic
LMP6003 2 Mil TTR gloss white polyester White polyester Acrylic
LMP6010 2 Mil gloss, white polyester Permanent Adhesive
LMP6014 2.0 Mil matte TTR white polyester White Topcoated Polyester
LMP6100 2 Mil matte TTR silver polyester Silver metallic PET Solvent Acrylic
LMP6101 2 Mil matte TTR silver polyester Silver polyester Acrylic, Double Coatweight
LMV5000 3.5 mil TTR flexible, white vinyl Permanent Acrylic
LMP6005 2.0 Mil TTR matte white polyester Permanent PSA UL969