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Freezer Grade and Cold Storage Label Solutions

freezer grade labels

Cold temperature or freezer grade labels are critical components to Food & Beverage Packaging,  Laboratory applications and shipping.  Most often, label failure occurs when labels are exposed to moisture and/or extreme environments. Sub temperature conditions can cause lifting and curling of the label and at times, the labels will fall off the substrate entirely. Common uses for freezer grade labels would be…

  • Frozen Food Packaging,
  • Outdoor Labeling of Industrial Products
  • Pallet Labeling
  • Cryogenic laboratory Applications
  • Blast Freezing
  • Co-Packaging and Perishables
  • Labeling pre-frozen surfaces

Not only does label failure jeopardize the quality of your products appearance but it can also cause problems in the manufacturing and track & trace process, tying up the lines or even shutting down the project completely.

ImageTek offers a variety of cold temperature and freezer condition labels that stand up to harsh environments, freezer storage of food and beverage products and shipping of boxes in cold weather conditions.

True freezer grade adhesives are designed for hard to label cold temperature conditions. Generally, using a hot rubber melt adhesive with an application temperature of 0° F  and service temperatures ranging from -65° F to +160° F are most suitable for cold temperature applications. ImageTek offers a variety of labels that meets these challenging environments.

 Freezer Grade Label Materials

Product Description Adhesive
LMR4006 3.0 Mil TTR Matte white polypropylene All Temp. Acrylic Permanent
LMR4007 3.0 Mil TTR Matte White polypropylene All Temp. Permanent PSA
LMR4012 Matte White DTH Polypropylene All Temp. Permanent PSA
LMR4017 3.0 Mil TTR Matte White Polyolefin Aggressive Hot Rubber Melt

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