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custom printed labels Custom printed labels from ImageTek are configured to meet any label specifications you can imagine! With an extensive line of materials, specialty UV inks and ribbons in any color you choose, as well as leading edge digital printing capabilities, ImageTek Lables can handle the most intricate of designs and specialty shapes. We are your custom label source!

From spot color to 4 color process, foil stamping to embossed and debossed aluminum as well as custom nameplates; your visions become reality when working with ImageTek Labels to design and manufacture labels specific to your vision.

With flexograph printing, no run is to long for us to handle. Our digital capabilities mean low minimums and quick turn-around. Preprint barcode in a number of symbologies and variable data is no match for our team. Custom colors and information make you labels unique and enhance your product branding.

Custom Printed Label Applications

  • Special Shapes
  • Full color labels
  • Embossed or Debossed Labels
  • Shiny Foil Labels
  • Outdoor Labels
  • Hang Tags
  • Domed Decals
  • Nameplates
  • Window Cling Labels
  • Box or Shipping Labels
  • Product Asset or Tracking
  • Foil Stamping

Custom Printed Label Materials 

Product Description Adhesive
LMA3006 3.2 Mil TTR semi gloss white paper Emulsion Acrylic
LML7001 2.0 Mil TTR Clear gloss printable BOPP Permanent PSA
LML7008 1.0 mil TTR Clear printable Polyester Permanent PSA
LMR4006 3.0 Mil TTR white BOPP Dual Coated All temp. PSA
LMR4007 3.0 Mil TTR matte white BOPP Aggressive all temp. PSA
LMR4008 2.3 Mil TTR gloss white BOPP Removeable Emulsion Acrylic
LMR4009 3.0 Mil TTR matte white BOPP Permanent Rubber PSA
LMR4016 2.3 MIL TTR white gloss BOPP Acrylic adhesive
LME 3000 3.2 Mil Cream Estate Finish Paper Cold Temp. Acrylic
LMP6000 2 Mil TTR gloss white polyester White polyester Acrylic
LMP6003 2 Mil TTR gloss white polyester White polyester Acrylic
LMP6010 2 Mil gloss, white polyester Permanent Adhesive
LMP6014 2.0 Mil matte TTR white polyester White Topcoated Polyester
LMP 6100 2 Mil matte TTR silver polyester Silver metallic PET Solvent Acrylic
LMP 6101 2 Mil matte TTR silver polyester Silver polyester Acrylic, Double Coatweight
LMV 5000 3.5 mil TTR flexible, white vinyl Permanent Acrylic
LMP6005 2.0 Mil TTR matte white polyester Permanent PSA UL969