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Custom Labels for Perfumes, Fragrances and Body Spray

Custom Cosmetic LabelsManufacturers of perfumes, fragrances and body sprays need to label their bottles and caps to gain visibility on the store shelves and list their ingredients for curious consumers. ImageTek Labels has several different labeling options to choose from. With laser cut custom shapes and sizes, we can deliver the size and shape you need to give your packaging a quality, finished look.

We offer waterproof and moisture resistant label stock that ensures your labels will last the life cycle of your product without curling, lifting or falling off. Our adhesives come in a variety of thickness and adhere to all types of surface energy.  Blank media stock is available and can be configured to fit almost any model printer,  allowing you to print your own perfume and fragrance labels yourself.

Custom Perfume Label Media in stock suited for:

For more information about labeling perfumes, fragrances and body spray products, contact our sales team today.