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Claim Your Space with Organization Labels

Organization LabelsOrganizing can be a lot of fun with custom printed labels by ImageTek. Ideal for the home or office and available in a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from, we will custom print your organization labels that are perfect for the house,  office, or school.

Labels make it easy to name and find your belongings in closets, kitchen cabinets, offices and institutional settings. ImageTek Labels offers full color, variable label printing that can be custom printed with product titles or delivered in ‘write-on’ label media so you can title them as you go! Choose from different shapes and sizes, ordering is easy and delivery is as little as 3 days.

Organization Labels are Available in:

Pressure Sensitive Film Labels

Film labels are perfect for printing bright, dynamic designs and without sacrificing durability. PSA labels holds up to harsh environments, and resist heat, moisture and abrasion. Best of all, our digitally printed film labels hold hard-to-process colors, that won’t fade, smear or smudge with full color plus white color options. Perfect for organizing in the garage, basement or kitchen.

Pressure Sensitive Paper Labels

Paper labels are the most versatile and cost effective media available.  Unique designs can be added to your organization labels and are great for labeling consumable products that have a limited shelf life. Paper labels are very cost effective and can be swapped out often.