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Nutrition Labels. A ‘How To’ for Food Producers.

Nutrition Labels and the agencies governing them can be pretty strict. Not only do the laws call out for  rigid label standards but buyers are becoming more label conscience. That means your nutrition label has to do more than list your ingredients, it needs to brand your product and set your product apart. Often times, we find food producers struggle with nutrition labeling. It doesn’t have to be complicated the trick is in knowing what type of nutrition label you need and where to find the information.   

There are three types of nutrition labels, those are…

1.)       The Basic Label – This label is a must have, no exceptions. It contains the Percent of Daily Value information like calories, serving size and fat content. These labels are almost always in a vertical format and plug ins are available to help you determine what percentage’s your products fall into. By adding your ingredients and serving information the values can easily be determined.

2.)       The Standard Nutrition Label – This is the basic nutrition labels with extra fields for ingredients and vitamin information. The difference between the standard layouts vs. the basic layout is the standard layout doesn’t just give you daily values; it gives you a list of the ingredients themselves. The Standard Label has become increasingly more popular as consumers become more health conscience.

3.)       The Deluxe Label – This label lists the daily food value’s, ingredients and value added information like allergen warnings, kosher information or QR codes to the nutritional pages on the producers website. It goes a step beyond what is in the ingredients and gives the consumer more information about the way the product is produced. This label is not mandatory. It is for the most socially responsible food producer, generally those who sell their products for health or moral production reasons.

ImageTek Labels can guide you through the label design process. Our team will custom print and deliver your order in just a few days. By using nutrition label generators you can create the artwork and get the nutritional guidelines for your product. If you’re concerned about special ingredients or production find out what the FDA says you cannot do. Or check out the FDA Nutritional Guidelines and USDA National Nutrient Database which profiles every food imaginable and calls out the nutritional values for use on food labeling.

This should help get you started with your nutrition labels or you can call ImageTek and let us help. We can quickly and easily get you going on how to design a nutrition label that meets the standards and have the printed labels at your door in a few days! Visit our Nutrition Labels webpage and find out more information about labeling your products.

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