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Non-Pasteurized Labels. What are They? 

Pasteurization is the process by which foods are heated, generally liquid foods, to a specific temperature for a predefined length of time non pasteurized labels and are immediately cooled after being removed from heat. This process of heating and cooling is meant to avoid spoilage that can and sometimes does occur in foods like ciders, yogurts and cream based products. Non-Pasteaurized labels help consumers identify foods that have undergone this process.

Why Should I Label my Product ‘Non Pasteurized’?

It is important to tell your customers if your food products have not been pasteurized, especially for those who have a sensitivity to the microbial growth that may be present in certain types of food manufacturing.  Non Pasteurized labels tell your customers that your product is safe from bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. Let your customers know you have reduced the risks of food borne illness in the finished product and lessened there risk for potential exposure to harmful bacteria.

To order ‘This Product has been Pasteurized’ labels click here. For custom pasteurization labels contact our account representatives and we can help you with your design!

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