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Industrial Labels Durable Goods Manufacturing Industrial Labels for Durable Goods

Technological advancement within Industrial and Durable Goods manufacturing has drastically changed the way labels are used in product-development. It is important to consider your label needs early on in the process, to ensure ROI and quality assurance in new designs.

Industrial labels must be resistant to abrasion and other environmental factors. Using the wrong labels can result in production downtime, quality issues and can also be quite expensive.

ImageTek Digital Labels can help you do it right the first time, by providing durable label solutions that resist abrasion, chemicals, high temperatures and weathering.

Industrial Label solutions can be used for inventory control labels, barcode symbology, product ID & Asset to Warning and compliance.  ImageTek Digital Labels will customize a quality, durable, digital label that meets the standards and makes the grade.

Using UV resistant ink on durable materials, our label combinations will meet the most extreme challenges. Call today and let our professional sales staff offer solutions customized to your specific labeling needs.

Industrial Labels are often used for:

  • Shipping Labels
  • Product Identification
  • WIP Applications
  • Packaging Labels
  • Pallet Labels
  • Bin Labels
  • Instruction / Warranty / Hazard Labels
  • Nameplates
  • Asset Labels, and much more…

Industrial Label Materials:

Product Description Adhesive
LMP6000 2 Mil TTR gloss white polyester White polyester Acrylic
LMP6003 2 Mil TTR gloss white polyester White polyester Acrylic
LMP6010 2 Mil gloss, white polyester Permanent Adhesive
LMP6014 2.0 Mil matte TTR white polyester White Topcoated Polyester
LMP 6100 2 Mil matte TTR silver polyester Silver metallic PET Solvent Acrylic
LMP 6101 2 Mil matte TTR silver polyester Silver polyester Acrylic, Double Coatweight
LMV 5000 3.5 mil TTR flexible, white vinyl Permanent Acrylic
LMV 5200 2.0 mil Flexo & UV Letterpress, white vinyl Rubber Adhesive
LMP6005 2.0 Mil TTR matte white polyester Permanent PSA UL969