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Durable Solution for Home Products  

Labeling household products can mean something different to everyone. Meant to not only brand your item and set you apart from on-the-shelf competition, the label gives detail about the product itself while providing information to the customer, allowing them to make better buying decisions. Sounds easy right?

A few questions to ask before making labeling decisions are what sorts of environments the labels will need to survive and for how long? Candle labels may need to resist flame and high temperatures, where cleaning agents need to resist an array of chemicals. Outdoor equipment must have UV resistant qualities and be tolerant to moisture and weathering. A lot to think about isn’t it?

Home Product Labels May Require Laminates and UV Protection 

Home products like detergents and cleaning agents often contain chemicals. These chemicals can fade or breakdown your product labels over time. ImageTek Digital Labels has a variety of laminates that will add a layer of protection to your product labels and ensure your labels maintain their integrity throughout their life cycle. From a wide variety of durable labeling materials manufactured to resist the harshest of environments, UV resistant inks and laminates that protect against moist environments, we can customize a solution that not only gives you a high quality printed image but stands up to extreme conditions and lasts the length of your product.

ImageTek Digital Labels is here to help walk you through your label purchase. Whether it’s small or large quantities, four color process artwork, special shapes, designs or textures, it’s no problem!

Home Product Label Materials 

Product Description Adhesive
LML7001 2.0 Mil TTR Clear gloss printable BOPP Permanent PSA
LML7008 1.0 mil TTR Clear printable Polyester Permanent PSA
LMR4006 3.0 Mil TTR white BOPP Dual Coated All temp. PSA
LMR4007 3.0 Mil TTR matte white BOPP Aggressive all temp. PSA
LMR4008 2.3 Mil TTR gloss white BOPP Removable Emulsion Acrylic
LMR4009 3.0 Mil TTR matte white BOPP Permanent Rubber PSA
LMR4016 2.3 MIL TTR white gloss BOPP Acrylic adhesive
LME3000 3.2 Mil Cream Estate Finish Paper Cold Temp. Acrylic
LMP6100 2.0 Mil TTR silver polyester Solvent Acrylic
LMP6014 2.0 Mil TTR matte white chemical resistant Permanent PSA
LMP6500 2.0 Mil TTR gloss clear polyester Agressive permant PSA