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Labeling Non-Pasteurized Food Products

Since 1999, The FDA has regulated label usage for food products that have not been pasteurized before being sold in the consumer marketplace. Products with a milk, cheese, eggs or seafood base often times must pass through a pasteurization process whereby foods are brought to a predetermined temperature, for a set period of time, in an attempt to rid the product of micro-organisms that contain harmful bacteria. Thus, lessening the risk of food borne illness for consumers, primarily for high risk demographics like the elderly, young children and infants.

If you are unsure whether or not your product requires pasteurization or for more information on specific FDA regulations regarding milk, egg or other mandatory pasteurization protocols please visit FDA.gov or contact an ImageTek Labels account representative at sales@imageteklabels.com

For stock or custom color non-pasteurized food product labels please visit https://www.imagetekdigitallabels.com/non-pasteurized-labels/