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Juice Labels That Pack a Punch

Juice LabelsJuice labels must withstand a variety of environments such as cold aisle grocery storage, refrigerators and coolers. These environments vary in temperature and your labels must maintain color and performance regardless.  ImageTek Labels has been custom printing juice labels for more than a decade. Our professional sales team can assist you in meeting the FDA’s juice labeling requirements and standards of quality.

By using digital print technology, juice manufacturers can label multiple versions by printing their label orders in one run. The perfect solution for seasonal and trail product lines.

Juice Label Media Options

  • Clear labels are a popular choice for juice and beverage products. Clear labels allow your product to show through the label and can be configured on a low profile media that makes the label blend into the container giving it a “no label” look.
  • Foil labels give your juice products a premium finished label look and enhance the labels graphic appeal.
  • Tamper-evident labels offer protection for your consumers by visually displaying a tampered label finish when the package has been opened or otherwise compromised.