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ImageTek Labels Launches Digital Website

ImageTek Labels Launches New Digital Website
Custom Quoting Capabilities Now Available for New & Existing Customers

Springfield, VT – November 05, 2012 – ImageTek Labels, a PCM Company, announces the launch of their all new e-commerce website www.imagetekdigitallabels.com. The website was created for new and existing customers to quote various label projects and place their orders online. The new website also features benefits like cached purchase history, the ability to save recent quotes and stock label ordering. Specialty Foods, Wine & Beverage, Home products as well as Health & Beauty label informaiton can all be found on the new website and ImageTek Labels is eager to build a strong presence within these industry segments.

The addition of the new website was largely in support of the their recent purchase of the Jetrion 4900 digital printer. The aquisition of this printer has opened doors to the prime label marektplace where short run, custom labels are a must. The new in-line digital printing system was a natural next step for ImageTek Labels, allowing them to shorten lead times, cut tooling expenses for their customers and continue to offer durable printing options for all types of label applications.

ImageTek Labels encourages everyone to visit www.imagetekdigitallabels.com and use the instant quote feature for quotes and material information. The site may be used anonymously and registration options are available for anyone who wishes to store quotes for purchase at a later date.

ImageTek’s durable label website www.imageteklabels.com is also available and will continue to draw visitors looking for durable and harsh environment labeling solutions. Continuing to focus on durable and industrial labeling solutions for high temperature, chemical and other harsh environment applications.

Currently, several commodity stock items like RoHS and GHS labels are available for order and ship same day. ImageTek Labels has plans to expand their stock label offerings in the very near future. Some of these stock offerings will include thermal transfer paper, polyester and synthetic labels as well as high temperature and chemcial resistant specialty label products. These products will be stock items in an array of various sizes, configured to fit a variety of desktop and industrial printers from top of the line manufacturers.

What Our Customers Can Expect:

In short, the addition of the new digital website is a great benefit to ImageTek Labels and thier customers. Not only does it streamline our current printed product operations, it enables new opportunities in short run, digital printing and prime laebling. These cutting-edge technologies will lessen lead times and enhance our clients overall experience. ImageTek Labels is staying ahead of the curve and we have positoned ourselves to help your company succeed in the years ahead. Visitors will be able to choose from a long line of UL approved, durable synthetic and paper materials. Media Kits and sample labels are available upon request.

About ImageTek Labels

ImageTek Labels, a PCM Company (imageteklabels.com), is a converter of printed and blank media stock, printer laminators, label printer / applicators, auto-apply, lamination supplies, print ribbon and custom printed labels. Established in 1994, ImageTek employs over 100 technical and engineering professionals in their 33,000 sq. ft. facility located in the center of the Precision Valley of VT. ImageTek Labels received ISO certification 9001:2008 for their Quality Management System in 2012 and is ITAR certified.