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What is a GMO?

Genetically modified organisms are foods that contain corn, soy or other plants that have been inserted with a gene from an unrelated species, to give them certain characteristics (like resistance to insects or enhanced nutrients). When food products are manufactured using ingredients containing GMO’s, or in manufacturing facilities where these products may be exposed to GMO’s, the products will need to be relabeled with GMO warnings,  outlined for consumer labeling.

How Will GMO Labeling Effect My Business?

VT GMO Labels

The impacts this bill will have on Vermont food producers and producers looking to stock VT grocery store shelves with their products,  is huge. With 70-80 percent of packaged food on a typical supermarket’s store shelves needing to be relabeled, it is  more important for producers to understand label manufacturing processes, than ever before. Producers may face high costs associated with relabeling, if they are using traditional labeling tactics. Added expense for tooling, multiple versions and changes to label design can add up fast. The most recent digital labeling technology offers solutions that deliver quality labels, without tooling, plate or variable design charges.

When Will I Need to Relabel My Products?

The proposed label bill, due to be signed into law May 28th, 2014, will require all Vermont food producers and suppliers, to relabel products containing GMO’s by July 2016. However, producers are encouraged to relabel their products earlier than 2016. To read H.112, the GMO Labeling Bill, visit http://tiny.cc/8jesex. This law affects all food producers with the exception of meat, dairy, liquor and prepared food sold in restaurants.

What  Are the New Label Requirements?

Though the new label requirements are not fully outlined as of yet, the new label format regarding wording has been established. For producers effected by the new bill, three options for wording are available, they are: “produced with genetic engineering”, “partially produced with genetic engineering,” or “may be produced with genetic engineering,”. The labeling regulation will likely have an impact on product sales for many of these producers, as consumers will be able to compare products and choose non-GMO options.

Where Can I Get GMO Labels?

ImageTek Labels can provide stock or custom GMO labels as well as help you redesign your label to include GMO verbiage. Our digital printing capabilities will allow you to reprint your labels without incurring set-up fees or additional tooling charges. By using UV resistant inks, laser die-cutting and advanced technologies, you can re-label your products quickly and cost-effectively.

ImageTek Labels stocks hundreds of materials including specialty cold temperature and freezer grade media. For a sample media kit of materials that will suit your products and packaging, please contact us today and we can help you get started!

To stay ahead of the bill and stand out on the grocery store shelve, ImageTek Labels is encouraging Vermont food producers to modify their labels early and in advance of labeling regulations. For more information about how you can digitally print your labels please contact sales@imageteklabes.com.