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Glass Bottle Labels for Products and Occasions  

Whether you are a winemaker or just looking to create personalized glass bottle labels f0r a wedding or event, selecting the right label and material for your custom label is a critical element in the quality of the finished product. Glass bottles can be exposed to varying degrees of temperatures and climate, making them the perfect container for all types of specialty food. ImageTek Labels has a long line of materials perfect for any type of design you are looking to achieve.

Before choosing your label material, it is important to consider the type of printer you are using, the shape and texture of the bottle you will be using and the how the glass bottle will be stored.Wine bottle labels

The following types label materials are the most common among our food and beverage producers.

Waterproof Labels 

Waterproof Labels are also known as weatherproof labels. These label generally have a permanent adhesive and may be submerged in water or ice without curling, falling off or smudging.

Waterproof Labels require TTR label printing to ensure a quality label product that won’t fade or become illegible.

White Gloss Labels 

White gloss labels produce the most crisp, clear image of all the label materials. Assuming this is the look you’re aiming for, the gloss media family is the one for you.

Perfect for intricate designs and small or individual portion bottling, gloss labels produce a superior finish.

Foil Labels (Metallic)

Foil Labels are most commonly found with a silver, gold or chrome topcoat. These labels give a ultra-shiny, sophisticated look and are perfect to accentuate debossed or embossed label designs.

Applying Wine Bottle Labels 

Once you have chosen your desired label material, you must test the material to make sure it will apply easily to the contour of the glass bottle and will not lift or curl. To make sure you are applying the label to the bottle correctly make sure to do the following:

  1. Place the bottle on a flat surface where it will not roll or tip.  Make sure the bottle is sitting straight up and the front of the bottle is facing you.
  2. Peel the label from the protective liner, starting at the corner and peeling slowly, diagonal across the label.
  3. Hold the label gently with one hand on each side og the label. Start applying the label by applying the center of the label first, then smotth the label to the corners, from the center carefully.  Make sure all four side have been securly applied.
  4. Make sure all air pickets or bubbles have been smoothed out of the label and it is laying flat against the glass bottle.

These steps will make choosing and applying your wine label easy and offer a professional finished look. Before printing your next product label make sure to contact ImageTek Labels for label samples. Your product and occasion deserve the very best of materials that will enhance your design.