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E-Liquid Labels for E-Juice, E-Cig & Vapor Bottles

E-juice, e-cig and vape products have increased in popularity over the last several years. Thought to be a healthier alternative to E-Liquid bottles for e-juice, e-cigs and vape products traditional tobacco products, e-cigs and vape are being manufactured in a variety of flavors, with and without nicotine, as well as in various bottle sizes. These options demand a variable printing solution, allowing producers to label each e-liquid option individually, so they can stay competitive and attract new e-juice consumers.

E-Liquid Label Material

It’s is important to select the label material that will work best on your e-juice bottle prior to placing your order. E-juice bottles contain liquids that often times come in contact with the bottles exterior. When that happens, the liquids can cause your label to peel, curl or even fall off. It is important to make sure that your bottles are clean and dry before testing or placing your printed e-juice labels on the bottle. The extra attention you give your label application will ensure that your labels remain on you e-juice bottle for the life of your product.

E-Liquid Labels and Digital Printing

E-Liquid and e-juice producers benefit greatly from digital printing. Different versions and unique label design for each flavor can make tooling charges expensive for small e-liquid producers that are new to the market. For more seasoned e-liquid companies, investing in tooling and plates commit them to designs & ingredients since changing the design would cost them substantially. Digital printing does not require tooling, so variable designs are easy and affordable. Also, digital inks offer a level of UV protection and are more durable, so your e-cig and vape labels won’t fade, smudge or run when they come in contact with e-liquid.

For more information on e-juice labeling read our article Label E-Cig and E-Vapor Bottles in a few Simple Steps.


LMA3006 3.2 Mil TTR semi gloss white paper Emulsion Acrylic
LML7001 2.0 Mil TTR Clear gloss printable BOPP Permanent PSA
LML7008 1.0 mil TTR Clear printable Polyester Permanent PSA
LMR4016 2.3 MIL TTR white gloss BOPP Acrylic adhesive
LMP6100 2.0 Mil TTR silver polyester Solvent Acrylic
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