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Digital Printing: Making Short Run, Private Labels More Cost Effective

Short run label providers can be hard to find. Either the Minimums are too high, lead times are too long, or the quality suffers. Traditional print technologies have caused a real problem for private and short run label buyers. Utilizing tooling for specialty shapes and plates for each design, the cost can add up quickly. Most often, this means label buyers have to streamline multiple versions, or worse; compromise their products branding, for the sake of saving hundreds of dollars in tooling charges. Goods news, those days are long gone. 

ImageTek Labels utilizes top of the line digital printing capabilities, that not only produce high quality labels quickly, but use durable inks, for labels that will survive the most extreme environments.payday loansOur custom adhesive combinations adhere to a variety of substrates. Your labels are laser cut to any size and shape you choose, with no tooling charges. UV cured inks are layered directly onto the  substrate, producing a more clear image and avoiding custom plates that lock you into static designs.

Digital Printing is important to your business but it is surprising how few people really know about it. Consumers know what they want, they know what they like, but they don’t know how to get it. That is because until recently, it didn’t exist. More Good News, Now it Does.

Available in short run quantities, with Minimums of only 100 labels, ImageTek will customize the shape, size and finish you require to meet your label specifications. Finally, the cost per label is a reflection of the lower quantity orders.  Until now, traditional print methods left short label runs out of reach, especially  for the small business owner.

Digital print technology is here to stay and brings with it, a ton of value. Digital Printing makes vibrant, durable labels fair game for everyone, is ideal for short run applications, or larger runs with various designs. No one needs to sacrifice quality for a lower price tag any longer.

Get an Instant Quote  on our digital website and see for yourself. ImageTek labels  makes it easy to get custom solutions that deliver quality and last the life of your product. Have questions or want a sample? Send us an email and we can get started!


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