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Design Custom Labels in Three Simple Steps

Design custom labels that will attract new customers and keeping already loyal customers buying your brand. By knowing your customers and what motivates them to buy, you can create a label that entices them and doesn’t take a bite out of your budget. Custom Label Design

1. Know What Your Customers Want. This step is a lot easier than it sounds. If you want to know what your customers want, just ask them! Host a focus group and invite some of your best customers. Whether you produce hot sauce, soaps or specialty foods, customers are almost always willing to tell you why they choose to do business with you. These groups can offer insight as to what makes your buyers tic and what selling points to focus on with your new custom label design. Think about the types of questions you will ask, that will help you determine the elements in your design that will speak directly to your target audience.

2. Know What Type of Printing Process Fits Your Budget: Before you start designing your new  labels, make sure your current custom label provider can support such a design. If not, what additional costs will you incur by changing the design? Specialty shapes, color matches and embossed label designs may create additional expenses. It is important to determine what these expenses might be and adjust the design early on in the process if you need to.

3. Get a Press Proof Before You Commit to Your New Label Design:

Before you order a full run of your new labels, invest in a press-proof.  A press proof is a printed label that demonstrates your exact design. Press proofs are the only way to be certain that your design, label stock and production process will work together to deliver the product label you’ve envisioned. Press proofs allow you to adjust minor details in your artwork or materials should you need to. They also prepare you for the print quality you can expect in your finished product.

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