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 High Quality & Cost Effective Soap Labels 

Your labels should reflect the quality of the product you produce. That is why it is so important
soap labelingto understand what types of labels suit your soap products best and what to look for when


selecting the perfect label. Soaps are generally oily in nature, making labeling more of a challenge. The residue that soap may leave on labels can have negative effects on adhesion, causing label breakdown if these products are not labeled properly. Both the label and the adhesive must survive moisture and oils, so knowing what label materials work best is important to the success of your product packaging.

Though the FDA does not require soap producers to label their ingredients, most consumers like knowing what is in the products they buy. Additionally, you want to tell your customers about the quality ingredients they can expect to find in your product, to build repeat business and gain customer loyalty. Though FDA soap labeling regulations are exempt, if you choose to label your ingredient list, you want to make sure to label them accurately.

Soap producers can find cost effective, professional looking labels at ImageTek Labels. With a variety of label media and years of know-how, we have the perfect solution to label your soap products with labels that will not fade, smear or tear, as well as, dozens of overlaminates that will give added protection to your label.

Soap Labels are Perfect for Fun Custom Shapes

Specialty shapes are made with laser die cutting, which saves producers money by avoiding custom dies and tooling charges. Our UV durable inks allow producers to design colorful labels using virtually any color of the rainbow without incurring additional color charges. UV inks are durable and waterproof

For producers looking to test the quality of our label stock, free label samples may be requested and will ship same day. If you have a size in mind, you may request a custom quote for same-day pricing.