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Custom Label Design Makes All the Difference.

Gain Market Share with Great Label Design 

In a fast-paced world where people are subjected to hundreds of marketing messages a day, the need for custom label design has becomeCustom Wine Labels increasingly more important.

With only a few seconds to capture the attention of a potential buyer, producers find themselves having to search for more unique ways to label their products in an effort to gain more market share.  The digital era, combined with multimedia, newspaper, and billboard marketing, are narrowing the competition for product manufacturers far more often than in previous years.

However, producers can rest easy knowing that by the time buyers hit the store, their job is half done. People who are searching the aisles have opted in for products and are on the hunt for information to help them make the right purchase. That’s where the label comes in. The right label can speak volumes about a product, and inspire all the senses. Above visual factors, good design evokes brand recall, meaning you can literally transport a buyer from the aisles to a place only your product can take them. You can engage their sense of smell and taste or enhance memories of places past.


Studies show the majority of buyers are influenced by visual stimulation, meaning images work wonders when designing  product packaging.  Consumers have become desensitized to the claims found on most product labels that declare they are better than the competition. However, even with the changes in buying patterns and increase of sensory information flooding the lives of consumers, one thing remains. People are still, and will continue to be, visual learners.
With that said, the job of designing the right product label remains the responsibility of the producer, and can make or break a business.  Choosing colors that tell your products story, images that are easy for people to remember and to recall, will increase repeat business.
Three Steps to Designing the Perfect Product Label


1.)  Use a unique graphic or image and by unique, we mean amazing. The old adage, “a picture speaks a thousand words” is true. This might be the single most important factor in designing a successful product label. Take the time to find or produce the image that speaks to your product and your customer. It goes a long way.

2.)  Use the right colors. It’s true, different colors portray different emotions. Studies on design have pinpointed that certain colors are related to product characteristics. When designing your label, choose colors that are known to capture the feeling you want your products to deliver. If you produce organic products, lean towards earthy colors like green or brown. If your specialty products are meant for higher income audiences, try purples that are said to reflect royalty. The colors you choose speak directly to potential buyers, choose wisely.

3.)  Fonts and typefaces are important. That’s right, with hundred of fonts available and custom typefaces being released everyday, make sure you are using a font that supports your brand identity. In addition to using the right font, consider how easy or difficult it will be to transition that font to seasonal or specialty product packaging. Is it web safe? Can it be transitioned to bold or italic? Will it still be available and cost effective in five years? Does it give the impression you intend your product to have?

At the end of the day, your label design is the personality of your product. It takes a lot of thought and attention to detail to produce a great product label but the rewards are limitless. For more information about custom labels contact ImageTek Labels today.