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Cosmetic Labels and Product Marketing

Cosmetic labels can be a challenge.  Producers must create a label that will not only garner attention on store shelves but also last the lifecycle of the product. With literally hundreds of cosmetic Cosmetic labeling brands to choose from, consumers often refer to the cosmetic label to differentiate one brand from another. Labels that appeal to a broader consumer base will earn new customers and gain the loyalty of consumers faster than their competitors.

Before you print custom cosmetic labels, producers must determine what type of label media to use. This will ensure their labels will last the life-cycle of the product and represent their brand clearly and concisely.

Custom Cosmetic Label Materials

When choosing a label material for cosmetic products, the first thing you must do is understand the life cycle of your product. You can do this by asking yourself a few simple questions like:

  • How long does this product last once it is purchased?

    Is your cosmetic product consumed in one use or will it be used over the course of weeks or months? The longer the product lasts after it leaves the store, the more durable your label material should be.

  • What type of environment will your cosmetic product label be exposed to?

    Does your product spend long periods of time submerged in water or moisture? Does it sit in the sun during the warm summer months or spend extended periods in cold or freezing weather? Is your product heated before use? Identify your products most common environment and choose label media that will survive the elements. Doing so will ensure your labels are always crisp and clear and your brand is not compromised by label failures like curling or fading. Constant handling is another concern for cosmetic producers, with products being handled more often during use, labels are exposed to oils and dirt that may be on the hands of consumers.

  • How will your product be packaged?

    A very important step in producing the perfect cosmetic label is determining how you will fill and package your product. Is your packaging a squeezable tube or filled with liquid? Do you use a glass or plastic jar with low surface energy that makes adhesion more of a challenge? Your packaging will help you determine the need for custom shapes and adhesive characteristics. Cosmetics packaging generally has a smaller circumference, requiring for a tighter label wrap than do most other products. As a result, your label media must be able to support your packaging requirements. 

Custom Finishes for Custom Cosmetic Labels

Once you have identified the type of label media you need, it is important to determine the finished look you desire before you begin producing your artwork. Quality finishes make yourCosmetic labeling product stand out among others and support your brand. 

Specialty label shapes will make your labels ‘POP’

Shapes are created one of two ways; either by using custom die-cut tooling or more recently, with laser die cutting, which cuts the label into the desired shape in fractions of a second and without the need for expensive tools. Cosmetic labels benefit by specialty shapes because they gain consumer attention on the store shelves and set-your product apart. Shapes can also appeal to niche target markets making the product more easily identifiable to consumer groups.

Lastly, your packaging may require specialty shapes so your labels perform as they are intended during the products life cycle.

Custom Cosmetic Label and Specialty Finishes

During the printing process, specialty inks and overlaminates can be used to add the finishing touches to your cosmetic label, resulting in a high-quality finished product. Colored foil labels can add rich textures and detail to your labels, giving them a rich, elegant looking finish. Matte overlaminates can dull-down bright vibrant color, resulting in an eco-friendly, natural looking label finish. Semi-gloss overlaminates make the labels easy to clean so your product always looks new and fresh. Embossed and debossed label finishes will raise or recess certain parts of your label, giving the 2 dimensional finishes. Clear and low profile laminates will give your product a label-less look and expose the packaging underneath the label.