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Annual NHGA Fall Conference is Upon Us!

Join Us Wednesday, October 16th at the Executive Court Banquet Facility in Manchester, NH for the Annual NH Grocers Association Fall Conference. This annual event is for independent operators, chain store representatives and suppliers.

The annual Fall Conference is host to numerous workshops and seminars that educate, and enrich you, on industry trends and happenings. In addition to the workshops, the annual Fall Conference is home to the Power Exhibitors Expo. This short, fast-paced tradeshow allowNew Hampshire Grocers Association Logo s for both new, and existing, vendors to network with the state’s retailers while sampling and discussing the latest products and trends.

Finally, let’s not forget that the annual Fall Conference is also home to NH Grocers annual awards programs. Numerous awards and recognitions will be announced at this year’s 80th Anniversary celebration.

For more information on this years event, please visit http://grocers.org/scheduledevents/nhgafallconference.html

ImageTek Labels looks forward to seeing you there!


ImageTek Labels to Attend The 2013 5x5x5 Awards in Burlington, VT.

The Annual 5 x 5 x 5 Awards are scheduled to take place in Burlington, VT. September 16th, 2013 Hosted by Keybank and Vermont Business Magazine, the 5 x 5 x 5 Awards celebrate the achievements of the top 5 fastest growing Vermont businesses. Nominees are selected from five categories, and evaluated based on their growth over the last five years. award-5x5x5

Keynote speakers will include Jeffrey Carr, Vermont’s President and Economist of Economic Policy Resources, Inc. The day’s events are described as providing a forum for smaller Vermont businesses to interact and learn from one another’s experiences.  ImageTek Labels is eager to celebrate the success of our customers and fellow Vermont manufacturing facilities like Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, All Earth Renewables and North Hartland Tool Company.

For those interested in attending The 5 x 5 x 5 Awards at the Double Tree Hotel on Monday, September 16th in Burlington, VT from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. please visit http://guestlistapp.com/events/174207

Made In Vermont

Article published by Melissa Howell, WCAX-TV reporter.

Made in Vermont is a term that some business owners used lightly. Now, discussions are underway to enforce standards for Vermont-based products. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture met with a European ambassador Wednesday to discuss what standards constitute a “Made in Vermont” product, and how those products measure up, globally. Made-in-Vermont

Secretary Chuck Ross of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture said, “We in Vermont are actually building the community base agriculture where we are succeeding in creating quality products that compete in the global marketplace, but are raised local in our communities.”

To compete globally, Vermont products must first follow standards to assure they are unique to the state. Joao Vale De Almeida is the European ambassador to the United States. He said, “We need to create the conditions for these new products to prosper and for the producers to be able to find the right markets.”

In an effort to follow the European system of regulating certain products, like Champagne only coming from the region of Champagne, France, a product like Vermont maple syrup could only be made right here.

“We’re close on that and trying to make it a system where it’s clear that products that are made in Vermont can be advertised as such, be recognized as such and sold as such,” explained Ross.

Regulating out of state products bearing the “made in Vermont” label is another problem.

“There are over-arching federal issues that hint of our ability as a state regulator to enforce these standards outside of the state of Vermont,” said Ross.

As terminology explaining what makes a Vermont product is currently in the works, Amy Trubek from the University of Vermont’s Nutrition and Food Sciences Department says small business owners still have concerns.

“One thing that’s very striking when you interact with people in the EU who are part of the GI system is how much technical support there is for small-scale producers,” Trubek explained.

Trubek says Europe helps small businesses understand their business culturally and how to make it better. But similarities between Europe and the U.S., like customer demand, means there are hopes to soon ship overseas.

“Vermont is a good example of a state that invests in quality food,” said Vale De Almeida, “and we would like to create the expansion of trade across the Atlantic of all these products.”

As trade negotiations between the U.S. and Europe move forward, Vale De Almeida says they have launched a process that could lead to the creation of the biggest free trade area in the world. That means defining “made in Vermont” products would benefit small businesses here in Vermont.

FDA Releases Final Rule for Voluntary “Gluten-Free” Labeling

FDA has released a final rule defining “gluten-free” for voluntary labeling programs. Manufacturers will have one-year after the date of publication (August 5, 2013) of the rule to bring package labels into compliance.  The final rule defines “gluten-free” as meaning that the food either is inherently gluten free; or does not contain an ingredient that is:

1)      a gluten-containing grain (e.g., spelt wheat);
2)      derived from a gluten-containing grain that has not been processed to remove gluten (e.g., wheat flour); or
3)      derived from a gluten-containing grain that has been processed to remove gluten (e.g., wheat starch), if the use of that ingredient results in the presence of 20 parts per million (ppm) or more gluten in the food.

Also, any unavoidable presence of gluten in the food must be less than 20 ppm.  The Final Rule’s “Gluten-Free” definition appears to be unchanged from a Proposed Rule defining Gluten-Free was originally released in 2007 and re-opened for comment in August 2011.

Please see the following FDA links related to the final rule:
FDA Press Release on Gluten-Free Labeling Final Rule
FDA Q&A on Gluten-Free Labeling Final Rule
FDA Final Rule on Voluntary Gluten Free Labeling
Source: FMI

ImageTek Labels and The Specialty Food Association

New Member Announcement!


ImageTek Labels is pleased to announce our recent membership of The  Specialty Foods Association.  Established in 1952, Specialty Food Association is a leading source of information for the specialty food industry. They offer benchmark statistics, current product trends and act as a platform for industry professionals to connect and share ideas.

ImageTek Labels is proud to be a new member to Specialty Foods, and eager to work with over 3,000 current members on new products and exciting projects like SFA’s anti-hunger campaign. “We felt this membership was a natural fit for the company, as a large portion of our customers are food & beverage producers, designers and full service brokers.  The Specialty Food Association will offer ImageTek Labels an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve with industry trends and be a valuable resource to the food and beverage producers that rely on best practice to enhance their own brand and business.” Says Mike Hathaway, ImageTek Labels President; CEO.

For more information about The Specialty Food Association or Summer Fancy Food Show, please visit www.specialtyfoods.com or contact jsearson@speicaltyfoods.com.

ImageTek Labels to Attend Vermont Business & Industry Expo

Vermont Chamber LogoSpringfield, VT – April 26th, 2013 – ImageTek Labels, a PCM Company, will be attending the upcoming Vermont Business and Industry Expo hosted by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce. The event will be held May 21st -23rd, 2013 with pre-registration required. The Vermont Business and Industry Expo is designed to connect Vermont business’s with the community and each other, in an effort to support local partnerships. This annual event hosts nearly 200 exhibitors, showcasing the latest in cutting edge products and services. Complimentary passes for those interested in attending the Expo are available through May 15th.  Please contact abaker@pcmanufacturing.com to request your passes to the event. Be Our Guest!
ImageTek Labels encourages event attendee’s and exhibitor’s to contact us for no-cost press proofs prior to the event.  Our account representatives will sample your label design on application specific substrates and bring the samples to you at the event! Contact us today for custom, no-cost press proofs – A savings of $80.00!  Email sales@imageteklabels.com or call (866) 403-5223. A representative is eager to walk you through the process. Register for The Vermont Business & Industry Expo by visiting https://www.vtexpo.com/reservations/attend/

About ImageTek Labels:

 Located in the heart of Vermont’s Precision Valley, ImageTek Labels prints and converts labeling solutions for customers in industries ranging from aerospace to specialty food production. We utilize conventional and the latest in digital printing technologies to satisfy our customers’ needs and we are, also, a major supplier of blank label media, lamination supplies and label application equipment.


Our company is staffed by a variety of technical and engineering professionals who listen to our customers’ requirements and specifications. Our sales staff is ready to work with you to plan a strategy to increase your productivity and assure you a positive return on your labeling investment.

ImageTek Labels is a true full service manufacturing facility. Our charter is to provide high quality, reliability and versatility in all of our product lines – we offer a total solution. We listen to the needs and goals of our customers and consistently exceed expectations with quality, on-time delivery.



ImageTek Labels is Certified for UL’s Authorized Supplier Program

ImageTek Labels is pleased to announce our recent certification as a UL Authorized Supplier. Companies that print and convert UL and CSA logo labels must meet compliance standards ANSI/UL969 as defined by Underwriters Laboratories. ImageTek Labels meets that criteria and is registered to print these logos on behalf of our customers, our file number is LP4178.

For more information about UL standards of compliance please visit http://www.ul.com/global/eng/pages/

For questions about  ImageTek printing your companies UL Certified labels,  please contact our sales representatives.

ImageTek Labels Launches Digital Website

ImageTek Labels Launches New Digital Website
Custom Quoting Capabilities Now Available for New & Existing Customers

Springfield, VT – November 05, 2012 – ImageTek Labels, a PCM Company, announces the launch of their all new e-commerce website www.imagetekdigitallabels.com. The website was created for new and existing customers to quote various label projects and place their orders online. The new website also features benefits like cached purchase history, the ability to save recent quotes and stock label ordering. Specialty Foods, Wine & Beverage, Home products as well as Health & Beauty label informaiton can all be found on the new website and ImageTek Labels is eager to build a strong presence within these industry segments.

The addition of the new website was largely in support of the their recent purchase of the Jetrion 4900 digital printer. The aquisition of this printer has opened doors to the prime label marektplace where short run, custom labels are a must. The new in-line digital printing system was a natural next step for ImageTek Labels, allowing them to shorten lead times, cut tooling expenses for their customers and continue to offer durable printing options for all types of label applications.

ImageTek Labels encourages everyone to visit www.imagetekdigitallabels.com and use the instant quote feature for quotes and material information. The site may be used anonymously and registration options are available for anyone who wishes to store quotes for purchase at a later date.

ImageTek’s durable label website www.imageteklabels.com is also available and will continue to draw visitors looking for durable and harsh environment labeling solutions. Continuing to focus on durable and industrial labeling solutions for high temperature, chemical and other harsh environment applications.

Currently, several commodity stock items like RoHS and GHS labels are available for order and ship same day. ImageTek Labels has plans to expand their stock label offerings in the very near future. Some of these stock offerings will include thermal transfer paper, polyester and synthetic labels as well as high temperature and chemcial resistant specialty label products. These products will be stock items in an array of various sizes, configured to fit a variety of desktop and industrial printers from top of the line manufacturers.

What Our Customers Can Expect:

In short, the addition of the new digital website is a great benefit to ImageTek Labels and thier customers. Not only does it streamline our current printed product operations, it enables new opportunities in short run, digital printing and prime laebling. These cutting-edge technologies will lessen lead times and enhance our clients overall experience. ImageTek Labels is staying ahead of the curve and we have positoned ourselves to help your company succeed in the years ahead. Visitors will be able to choose from a long line of UL approved, durable synthetic and paper materials. Media Kits and sample labels are available upon request.

About ImageTek Labels

ImageTek Labels, a PCM Company (imageteklabels.com), is a converter of printed and blank media stock, printer laminators, label printer / applicators, auto-apply, lamination supplies, print ribbon and custom printed labels. Established in 1994, ImageTek employs over 100 technical and engineering professionals in their 33,000 sq. ft. facility located in the center of the Precision Valley of VT. ImageTek Labels received ISO certification 9001:2008 for their Quality Management System in 2012 and is ITAR certified.


ImageTek Labels Receives ISO Certification 9001:2008 for Quality Management

ImageTek Labels, recently certified under ISO 9001: 2008 for a Quality Management System, is proud to annouce our newest acheivement. Recognized for the manufacturing and distribution of printed media, blank label stock, print ribbons, lamination supplies and custom
printed media, ImageTek Labels values customer relationships and strives for continuous improvement.
ImageTek Labels looks towards future growth and is eager to enter new markets where ISO certification is required. Building and maintaining mutaully beneficial partnerships with global manufacturing professionals looking for custom tag and label solutions for the most challenging of industrial applications is our specialty.
In addition, ImageTek Labels will continue to deliver the consisitency and customer satisfaction  our clients have come to expect from us. Remaining focused on increased efficiency allows us to maintain a lean manufacturing environment, therefore keeping costs low, while delivering quality label solutions on time. With decades of industry expertise, we have proven engineered solutions that allow us to offer the right solution, the first time, making sure to not only save you time but maintain your products integrity while increasing your bottom line.
We encourage you to view our website at www.imageteklabels.com or for more information about ImageTek Labels please contact Alicia Baker at abaker@pcmanufacturing.com or by calling (866) 403-5223

ImageTek Labels to Attend MFG4 Tradeshow Hosted by The Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Aerospace, Defense, Medical & Energy Manufacturing for the Future

Springfield, VT February 28th, 2012. ImageTek Labels will be attending the MFG4 Trade Show Event in Hartford, CT from May 8th – 10th. This tradeshow is a new event, exclusive to industry experts, designed to provide leading manufacturing engineers in Aerospace, Medical, Energy and Military Industries an opportunity to learn more about innovative products and technologies that meet their production challenges. ImageTek is proud to be among the companies chosen to attend this year’s event.

ImageTek will be unveiling new, cutting-edge products for manufacturing professionals looking for custom tag and label solutions. Given the ever changing standards and compliance regulations, we engineer the new technologies to help you comply with the strictest of standards. With a full product line of high temperature, flame retardant, chemical resistant and harsh environment labels and tags, we offer strategic solutions to the most challenging industrial applications.

With decades of industry expertise, we have proven engineered solutions that make us a valuable partner in your manufacturing process. ImageTek offers the right solution, the first time, making sure to not only save you time but maintain your products integrity while increasing your bottom line.

For more information about ImageTek Labels please contact Alicia Baker at abaker@pcmanufacturing.com or by calling (802) 885-6208 ext: 268. Samples packets are available.