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Bumper Stickers and Automotive Decals

BumperStickerBumper stickers are a popular form of advertising and marketing. They are generally used for commercial endevours, or in support of a sports team or organization. Whatever your reason for needing a custom bumper sticker, ImageTek Labels offers custom printed solutions that will stand the test of time.

Bumper stickers are often manufactured using vinyl label media. Vinyl is flexible with a topcoated surface for flexo, thermal transfer and digital printing. When combined with a high performance acrylic adhesive the stickers will bond well to both rough and textured surfaces.  Due to the movement of the vehicle and changing weather conditions, the sticker needed to adhere well to the bumper or metal surface.

ImageTek Labels also offers “easy to remove” or removable  bumper stickers and automotive decals.

Bumper Stickers by ImageTek Labels are available in:

  • Durable 5 year vinyl
  • Removable BOPP label media
  • Clear label stock
  • Full, four color process with no extra charges
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Short and long run quantities