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Food Labeling for Food Producers Workshop

ImageTek Labels partners with UVM to address State and Federal Labeling Requirements, Digital Printing and Specialty Media.

ImageTek Labels, a PCM Company, will collaborate with The University of Vermont to host a Food Labeling for Food Producers workshop at the UVM extension office in Brattleboro VT. The event will be held Thursday, April 18th, 2013 from 1-3:30 p.m., with same day registration available. The charge to register is $10 per participant and includes course materials, refreshments and label media kits.  This event is appropriate for all individuals interested in food production and packaging.

State and Federal food labeling requirements can be very confusing for food producers and processors. This seminar will help to clarify regulations for producing and packaging food products. A brief overview of the guidelines that apply to nutritional labeling will be addressed. In addition, an overview of digital label printing and harsh environment labeling i.e.; freezer storage and high temperature.

About The Presenters:
Londa Nwadike, PhD is the Food Safety Specialist with the University of Vermont Extension Service. She works with Food Processors throughout Vermont to improve the safety of their products, particularly value-added processed food products and meat.

Alicia Baker, Marketing Coordinator for ImageTek Labels works to educate and inform food producers about the regulations pertaining to food packaging and labeling. She is well versed in specialty food processing and package labeling and label printing best-practice techniques.

Who Should Attend? Anyone interested in selling food products in any venue.

Registration: Register online by April 16th at http://foodlabelingbr.eventbrite.com

Questions: For more information on the course, please contact Alicia Baker
at abaker@pcmanufacturing or call 802-885-6208 ext 268

*This project is supported in part by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the national Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant # 2011-49400-30500


Digital Printing: Making Short Run, Private Labels More Cost Effective

Short run label providers can be hard to find. Either the Minimums are too high, lead times are too long, or the quality suffers. Traditional print technologies have caused a real problem for private and short run label buyers. Utilizing tooling for specialty shapes and plates for each design, the cost can add up quickly. Most often, this means label buyers have to streamline multiple versions, or worse; compromise their products branding, for the sake of saving hundreds of dollars in tooling charges. Goods news, those days are long gone. 

ImageTek Labels utilizes top of the line digital printing capabilities, that not only produce high quality labels quickly, but use durable inks, for labels that will survive the most extreme environments.payday loansOur custom adhesive combinations adhere to a variety of substrates. Your labels are laser cut to any size and shape you choose, with no tooling charges. UV cured inks are layered directly onto the  substrate, producing a more clear image and avoiding custom plates that lock you into static designs.

Digital Printing is important to your business but it is surprising how few people really know about it. Consumers know what they want, they know what they like, but they don’t know how to get it. That is because until recently, it didn’t exist. More Good News, Now it Does.

Available in short run quantities, with Minimums of only 100 labels, ImageTek will customize the shape, size and finish you require to meet your label specifications. Finally, the cost per label is a reflection of the lower quantity orders.  Until now, traditional print methods left short label runs out of reach, especially  for the small business owner.

Digital print technology is here to stay and brings with it, a ton of value. Digital Printing makes vibrant, durable labels fair game for everyone, is ideal for short run applications, or larger runs with various designs. No one needs to sacrifice quality for a lower price tag any longer.

Get an Instant Quote  on our digital website and see for yourself. ImageTek labels  makes it easy to get custom solutions that deliver quality and last the life of your product. Have questions or want a sample? Send us an email and we can get started!


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RoHS II Revisions Take Effect January 2nd, 2013. Are You Compliant?

Come January 2nd 2013, RoHS II standards of compliance are expand to cover all electrical and electronics equipment. Certificates of compliance must include CE and RoHS II documentation and penalties for non- compliance increase.

 What’s Different? The Long and Short of it.

1.) Currently, products that contain a RoHS substance and exceed suggested amounts of that substance are not allowed to be put on the market without a formal exemption. All exemptions will automatically expire unless renewed. Don’t leave your company open to penalties. Be proactive in extending your exemptions.

2.) New categories will be covered at different times over a 6.5 year period:

July 2014 — Categories 8 (medical devices) and 9 (consumer monitoring/control instruments) will be covered.

July 2016 — In-vitro diagnostic medical devices will be covered.

July 2017 — Industrial monitoring/control instruments will be covered.

July 2019 — Category 11 (all other EEE not previously covered) will be added.

3.) All finished goods will require a CE mark and a reference to RoHS 2 in the product’s declaration of compliance (DoC). Manufacturers must submit technical documentation (of compliance status) on request, and retain such documentation for 10 years after a covered product is placed on the market.

4.) Components , spare parts, cables and development kits must be RoHS compliant.

For more information on RoHS II revisions, please contact ImageTek Labels at 866-403-5223 or to purchase RoHS complaint Labels please visit our store http://store.imagetekdigitallabels.com/c/9/rohs-labels


ImageTek Labels Launches Digital Website

ImageTek Labels Launches New Digital Website
Custom Quoting Capabilities Now Available for New & Existing Customers

Springfield, VT – November 05, 2012 – ImageTek Labels, a PCM Company, announces the launch of their all new e-commerce website www.imagetekdigitallabels.com. The website was created for new and existing customers to quote various label projects and place their orders online. The new website also features benefits like cached purchase history, the ability to save recent quotes and stock label ordering. Specialty Foods, Wine & Beverage, Home products as well as Health & Beauty label informaiton can all be found on the new website and ImageTek Labels is eager to build a strong presence within these industry segments.

The addition of the new website was largely in support of the their recent purchase of the Jetrion 4900 digital printer. The aquisition of this printer has opened doors to the prime label marektplace where short run, custom labels are a must. The new in-line digital printing system was a natural next step for ImageTek Labels, allowing them to shorten lead times, cut tooling expenses for their customers and continue to offer durable printing options for all types of label applications.

ImageTek Labels encourages everyone to visit www.imagetekdigitallabels.com and use the instant quote feature for quotes and material information. The site may be used anonymously and registration options are available for anyone who wishes to store quotes for purchase at a later date.

ImageTek’s durable label website www.imageteklabels.com is also available and will continue to draw visitors looking for durable and harsh environment labeling solutions. Continuing to focus on durable and industrial labeling solutions for high temperature, chemical and other harsh environment applications.

Currently, several commodity stock items like RoHS and GHS labels are available for order and ship same day. ImageTek Labels has plans to expand their stock label offerings in the very near future. Some of these stock offerings will include thermal transfer paper, polyester and synthetic labels as well as high temperature and chemcial resistant specialty label products. These products will be stock items in an array of various sizes, configured to fit a variety of desktop and industrial printers from top of the line manufacturers.

What Our Customers Can Expect:

In short, the addition of the new digital website is a great benefit to ImageTek Labels and thier customers. Not only does it streamline our current printed product operations, it enables new opportunities in short run, digital printing and prime laebling. These cutting-edge technologies will lessen lead times and enhance our clients overall experience. ImageTek Labels is staying ahead of the curve and we have positoned ourselves to help your company succeed in the years ahead. Visitors will be able to choose from a long line of UL approved, durable synthetic and paper materials. Media Kits and sample labels are available upon request.

About ImageTek Labels

ImageTek Labels, a PCM Company (imageteklabels.com), is a converter of printed and blank media stock, printer laminators, label printer / applicators, auto-apply, lamination supplies, print ribbon and custom printed labels. Established in 1994, ImageTek employs over 100 technical and engineering professionals in their 33,000 sq. ft. facility located in the center of the Precision Valley of VT. ImageTek Labels received ISO certification 9001:2008 for their Quality Management System in 2012 and is ITAR certified.


ImageTek Labels Receives ISO Certification 9001:2008 for Quality Management

ImageTek Labels, recently certified under ISO 9001: 2008 for a Quality Management System, is proud to annouce our newest acheivement. Recognized for the manufacturing and distribution of printed media, blank label stock, print ribbons, lamination supplies and custom
printed media, ImageTek Labels values customer relationships and strives for continuous improvement.
ImageTek Labels looks towards future growth and is eager to enter new markets where ISO certification is required. Building and maintaining mutaully beneficial partnerships with global manufacturing professionals looking for custom tag and label solutions for the most challenging of industrial applications is our specialty.
In addition, ImageTek Labels will continue to deliver the consisitency and customer satisfaction  our clients have come to expect from us. Remaining focused on increased efficiency allows us to maintain a lean manufacturing environment, therefore keeping costs low, while delivering quality label solutions on time. With decades of industry expertise, we have proven engineered solutions that allow us to offer the right solution, the first time, making sure to not only save you time but maintain your products integrity while increasing your bottom line.
We encourage you to view our website at www.imageteklabels.com or for more information about ImageTek Labels please contact Alicia Baker at abaker@pcmanufacturing.com or by calling (866) 403-5223

ImageTek Labels to Attend MFG4 Tradeshow Hosted by The Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Aerospace, Defense, Medical & Energy Manufacturing for the Future

Springfield, VT February 28th, 2012. ImageTek Labels will be attending the MFG4 Trade Show Event in Hartford, CT from May 8th – 10th. This tradeshow is a new event, exclusive to industry experts, designed to provide leading manufacturing engineers in Aerospace, Medical, Energy and Military Industries an opportunity to learn more about innovative products and technologies that meet their production challenges. ImageTek is proud to be among the companies chosen to attend this year’s event.

ImageTek will be unveiling new, cutting-edge products for manufacturing professionals looking for custom tag and label solutions. Given the ever changing standards and compliance regulations, we engineer the new technologies to help you comply with the strictest of standards. With a full product line of high temperature, flame retardant, chemical resistant and harsh environment labels and tags, we offer strategic solutions to the most challenging industrial applications.

With decades of industry expertise, we have proven engineered solutions that make us a valuable partner in your manufacturing process. ImageTek offers the right solution, the first time, making sure to not only save you time but maintain your products integrity while increasing your bottom line.

For more information about ImageTek Labels please contact Alicia Baker at abaker@pcmanufacturing.com or by calling (802) 885-6208 ext: 268. Samples packets are available.

Nutrition Labels. A ‘How To’ for Food Producers.

Nutrition Labels and the agencies governing them can be pretty strict. Not only do the laws call out for  rigid label standards but buyers are becoming more label conscience. That means your nutrition label has to do more than list your ingredients, it needs to brand your product and set your product apart. Often times, we find food producers struggle with nutrition labeling. It doesn’t have to be complicated the trick is in knowing what type of nutrition label you need and where to find the information.   

There are three types of nutrition labels, those are…

1.)       The Basic Label – This label is a must have, no exceptions. It contains the Percent of Daily Value information like calories, serving size and fat content. These labels are almost always in a vertical format and plug ins are available to help you determine what percentage’s your products fall into. By adding your ingredients and serving information the values can easily be determined.

2.)       The Standard Nutrition Label – This is the basic nutrition labels with extra fields for ingredients and vitamin information. The difference between the standard layouts vs. the basic layout is the standard layout doesn’t just give you daily values; it gives you a list of the ingredients themselves. The Standard Label has become increasingly more popular as consumers become more health conscience.

3.)       The Deluxe Label – This label lists the daily food value’s, ingredients and value added information like allergen warnings, kosher information or QR codes to the nutritional pages on the producers website. It goes a step beyond what is in the ingredients and gives the consumer more information about the way the product is produced. This label is not mandatory. It is for the most socially responsible food producer, generally those who sell their products for health or moral production reasons.

ImageTek Labels can guide you through the label design process. Our team will custom print and deliver your order in just a few days. By using nutrition label generators you can create the artwork and get the nutritional guidelines for your product. If you’re concerned about special ingredients or production find out what the FDA says you cannot do. Or check out the FDA Nutritional Guidelines and USDA National Nutrient Database which profiles every food imaginable and calls out the nutritional values for use on food labeling.

This should help get you started with your nutrition labels or you can call ImageTek and let us help. We can quickly and easily get you going on how to design a nutrition label that meets the standards and have the printed labels at your door in a few days! Visit our Nutrition Labels webpage and find out more information about labeling your products.

Have questions? Great. Email Us and we will get back to quickly or call (802) 885-6208.

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5 Reasons You Should be Using Digitally Printed Labels for Food & Beverage Labeling

Digital Printing is the newest and most technologically advanced form of printing available today but it’s still surprising to me how many food and beverage producers I speak with that don’t know it exists. In addition, they really are not sure how their labels are manufactured at all and that’s okay, that’s the vendor’s job. However, there is a real value for food and beverage producers to be at least a little familiar with digital printing because of the huge advantages it has for their business and their bottom line.

Here’s a quick list of the benefits of digital printing and why it’s important to ask how your labels are being manufactured. In short, it will produce the best possible print, cost effectively and offer a more resilient label with superior color and clarity.


1.)    It’s Cheaper. Traditional printing, like flexographic and thermal transfer, requires expensive tooling to die cut and print your labels, digital labels do not. Therefore, you’re not incurring the charges for tools like dies and plates to get your label printed.payday loansThis has a direct impact on your cost per label and can save you hundreds of dollars in additional manufacturing expenses.

2.)    It’s Faster. No more extensive machine set-up, waiting for tools to be manufactured, pouring inks or running the same roll of labels several times through the press; Digital Printing cuts set up time in half and eliminates the need for tools and re-runs of the rolls to overlay colors and create images. The time savings directly affects your bottom line price, especially for short run projects with variable information.

3.)    Color & Quality. Digital Printing utilizes UV Inks. These inks are extremely durable and resistant to ultra violet light and most harsh environments. When mixed together (CMYK) they produce any color of the rainbow. No more having to match exact PMS (unless you want to),no more buying specialty inks just to match a color and no more fading and smearing when exposed to moisture or like enviroments.  

4.)    Flexibility. Another benefit of digital printing is that you get great flexibility over your labels, primarily for short runs or when there are several versions of the same label with minor changes such as the name or ingredients. Printing digitally means no more set up and break down of various machines for color changes or artwork changes and  no more struggling with trying to meet minimums for each version of the labels you need printed. These variable designs can be programmed to run one version after another, in line. It’s much faster, more affordable and influences your bottom line.  

5.)    Eco Benefits. Digital printing is more environmentally friendly. The inks generally have few fewer chemical additives. There is no need for tooling of film plates or the use of photo chemicals for clean-up which lessens the impact to the environment. Also, there is far less wasted material, meaning less material that reaches the landfills.  

The value of digital printing is undeniable and it’s important for business owners that they are using the most effective print methods possible while maintaining or often enhancing the quality of their labels. Digital Printing is overtaking offset printing in leaps and bounds and is considered a better value for those in the prime label industry. So, before you order your next set of labels, look into digital printing and make sure you’re getting the most from your labeling dollars.

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