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BBQ Sauce and Salad Dressing Labels

BBQ Sauce and Dressings Are a Challenge to Label 

BBQ sauce and salad dressing labelsBBQ sauce and salad dressing labels are an important factor to consider when preparing your product for market.  Sauces put the finishing touches on our most favorite dishes. Most of us line the inside of our refrigerator doors with a variety of our favorite creations and use these to compliment our meals almost every single day.

This is great news for manufacturers, because these sauces become high in demand and fly off the shelves as quickly as they can be restocked. However, sauce labels face a huge challenge when it comes to durability and surviving the life cycle of your product. Sauces can be messy, they can contain oils or spices that may cause the labels to lift or curl. Often times, they must be stored in cold temperatures after opening and are exposed to moisture for extended periods of time. These environments can leave product labels looking less than perfect and make nutritional information illegible or worse; consumers cannot identify the product at all.

ImageTek Labels offers sauce producers a variety of label materials and printing options, ideal for messy sauces and dressings. Our adhesive lines are manufactured to stick to high surface energy glass and plastics that are common in sauce packaging. Our digital printing capabilities produce durable labels that wont fade or smudge in cold temperature storage and do not require expensive over-laminates to protect against moisture and liquids. Our labels produce high quality, appealing labels that represent your sauces, your brand and maintain your products integrity over time, assuring your labels not only stand out on the shelves but last even after your customers have brought your products home.

For samples of our sauce and dressing labels, please contact us for a full media kit and receive some samples of our sauce and dressing label line. For those who have intricate artwork, press proof samples in various shapes and sizes and are also available and will demonstrate color and print clarity for your personal label design. To request more information or quote your next label project click here or email our staff at sales@imageteklabels.com.