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ImageTek Labels to Attend The New England Made Exhibition

The New England Made Giftware & Specialty Food Show

Celebrating 3o Years of Exhibition!

New England Made Show

ImageTek Labels will attend their first New England Made Giftware & Specialty Food Show, March 15-17th. The event will be held at the Portland Sports Complex, in Portland, Maine.  The show celebrates there 30th year and is host to specialty food and craft producers from all over the region. The show offers New England artisans a place to showcase their products to wholesale buyers from all over the country, in search of new products.

For three decades, the show has continued to attract authentic New England made crafters and is a true reflection of quality, locally made products that originate in the eastern states. The show offers a venue for buyers to not only source new product lines but to get to know the story behind these products. This event supports local business, encourages relationships between wholesale buyers and the business owners and inevitably puts the best products in front of consumers. This year, over 250 producers will exhibit their products at The New England Made Show. Absolutely no importers are allowed to attend the event, making it easy for wholesalers to source local manufacturers of products like specialty foods, home furnishings, jewelry, apparel and art.

This show presents the perfect opportunity for ImageTek Labels to connect with their current customers and show potential clients what sets the company apart from the completion.  Prior to ImageTek jumping into the digital printing arena, the company earned it strips customizing durable labels solutions for some of the most challenging manufacturing applications to date.  This puts ImageTek in a favorable position at shows like New England Made; being a locally grown Vermont based business with seasoned manufacturing expertise. ImageTek has seen it all and has grown from a niche custom label printer, to now also catering to consumable product manufacturers whose focus is quick turn-around and lean manufacturing. The company continues to evolve with recent technology and innovative label solutions.

For more information about The New England Made Food Show please visit www.nemadeshows.com. To contact ImageTek Labels prior to the event for label samples and/or press proofs, please email sales@imageteklabels.com or call
(866) 403-5223.